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Laser Cutting:

Carbon Dioxide(CO2) lasers are used for cutting Mild Steel to a general tolerance of +/-0.13mm.
High pressure Nitrogen cutting of stainless steel gives a bright, clean cut. This technique gives an oxide free edge of excellent appearance, ideal for most applications (including welding), without any further finishing required.
Nd:YAG lasers are used for critical tolerance work, especially cutting thin foils and fine details.

Laser Welding:

Nd:YAG welding uses no filler material and produces homogeneous welds with full penetration. We can select from an extensive choice of weld parameters to produce discrete spot welds through to hermetic sealing. We can also fuse dissimilar metals.

Laser Marking:

Initials, names, part numbers, consecutive serial numbers and logos can all be marked on most industrial finishes. Laser marking is clear, burr-free and permanent. The marking process causes no mechanical deformation of the work piece; uneven or inaccessible surfaces can be marked with ease.

Water Jet Cutting:

Water jet cutting can be used in a wide range of materials where laser-cutting is inappropriate.
Although it is accepted that the process is slower in comparison to laser-cutting, generally speaking, this process delivers a higher quality cut mainly due to there being no distortion to the material being cut as there is no heat transference occurring. Another advantage is that much thicker material can be processed, up to 200mm.


As the phrase suggests, in simple terms this is the process of folding a metallic material in order to achieve a bend. With our SigmaNest software we have the ability to see what folds are actually achievable, so if you have a “concept”, we can ascertain as to whether it can be engineered in its current design, or alternatively, whether it may need some modification to get the desired finished product at a cost-effective price.

Powder Coating:

Powder coating offers excellent durability to mechanical damage and is ideal for both interior and particularly exterior applications because of their outstanding corrosion resistance. The superior gloss and flow characteristics also make it a suitable alternative to polyester powders. There are a wide range of colour options and finishes available.

Complete Fabrication:

As you can see we can offer you our customer a wide range of services (a one stop shop if you like).
So whether you just want some profiles cut out, some folding work undertaken, or a complete fabricated assembly; we can do as little or as much as you want.

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